Raising Children around Pets is Better April 11, 2016

Being a kid is not always easy. Studies have found that petting an animal relieves stress in children. If they are sad or angry, they can cuddle or spend time with an animal and they can really turn to them for support. Pets and kids normally form bonds very quickly. It has also been medically proven to boost their immune systems as well.

Pets give the family a centered sense of togetherness in that everyone loves the dog or cat and enjoys them. Cats and dogs can play and do things with the family that can be a great entertainment source. They can also teach the children about interacting with animals. People that grow up without pets are less likely to understand and relate to others that have them as adults. Even worse would be to develop a fear of animals as adults because they never had pets as children.

Pets such as cats, dogs, or even smaller animals encourage activity in children. The pets get them playing and moving around. Dogs and cats that can run around and play with them are giving them exercise and helping them get out all of that extra energy that they have as children. It can be very good for them physically and mentally as they develop. Kids with dogs especially tend to get outside more and run around with them for playtime.

Learning responsibility is a big lesson for children with pets. They learn that they need to care for the animals and even little kids can do things like play with them or fill a water bowl up. Small caring acts will help develop them into caring children with a sense of self-worth and responsibility.

Parents should not depend on dogs as babysitters but they have been known to save or sometimes think they are saving children from danger. Both cats and dogs demonstrate an uncanny ability to protect the children that love them. It is a bond that is strong among them. These relationships are good for children to connect with animals and have respect for them as well.

Animals can give children confidence. A shy child will normally gain self-confidence when they see their cat or dog greeting a guest, they might do the same. Even during playtime, pets are teaching the children lessons on acting on their feelings or expressing themselves. Animals do these things naturally and children will gain a sense of self as well from watching their pets personalities come out.

Respect for living creatures is the most important lesson that children learn from having pets. They learn to care for and respect that their pet has feelings and needs as well just like they do. It can help them to connect to another being and really feel as if they are connecting to the animals world.

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