Things to Consider Before You Adopt a Pet March 31, 2016

Before you decide to adopt a pet or take home a puppy, there are a few things that you really need to think over. Some people impulsively get animals without really thinking it through and then have to them later. This can be extremely heartbreaking for a pet.

Do not ever give a pet as a gift to someone unless it is your own children that are living with you. Adults will go get a pet if they are seriously wanting the accountability of one. That should be their decision. Pets should never be given as gifts to adults no matter how well you know them or if they just said yesterday that they wanted a cat or dog. It is just not a good idea to make that choice for someone for the next 15-17 years for a cat or dog.

Pets cost money to take care of them properly. Plan out what food and vet bills will be as much as possible to have that put aside for their medical care and general care. Dogs and cats also need to be groomed occasionally and given a bath. The average healthy pet goes to the veterinary office at least twice a year either for check-ups or other issues such as ear infections. Pet sitters, if you go out of town a lot, are another thing to consider.

The kind of pet you get should be based on your lifestyle. Some examples of this are if you a busy professional in a city apartment than a cat or small animal such as a bird might be the best one for you. Even cats will need exercise though so make sure and have lots of toys and a window for them to perch on. If you are someone who runs or is outdoors a lot or has a large fenced yard, a large dog might be a good fit. Try and take into consideration what the animals happiest lifestyle would be and compare it to your own.

Do you have the time and a home for an animal? Cats are better for people that work a lot because they are easily entertained around the house with toys and are not relying on you to use the litter box themselves. Dogs will need to be walked or let out to go potty and they generally need more attention, especially as puppies. Having a puppy is a lot like having a toddler around the house that you will have to house train and that takes time along with a lot of patience. Committing to an animal means a lot of patience and time is going to need to go into training them and spending time with them. Make sure that you have a home that they can sleep in. Adopting an animal and putting them in a cage or chained up outside is not giving them a home. If you would not like it, they would not like it either.

Everyone wants a puppy or kitten but something to consider is if you have time for the training that goes into a puppy especially. They go through teething and house training just like a human child. The best idea might be to get an adult dog in need of a forever home that is already house broken. It might save you a lot of trouble in training.

Where will you be in five or ten years? Most animals such as cats and dogs can live for over ten years. Parrots can live for much longer. Make sure to research the lifespan of your animal and make sure that you are not going to have to give them up in the future. People cannot predict the future but you can, at least, take a realistic look at your life and tell if there is a big change in the future that you will know about and plan for that with an animal. You are that animals pet parent and they will be heartbroken if they are left with someone else because you had to give them up.

Once you decide to get an animal, do research on what personality you are looking for. Is there a breed or kind of animal that you really think would be a good fit for you? If you are getting a dog or cat, make sure you figure out what kind of doggy or kitty personality would be a good fit for you. Do you want a couch potato to watch movies with you or an energetic playmate? When you go to your local shelter to visit with potential adoptive animals, keep these traits that you are looking for in mind. Just remember that most dogs will be a little energetic to get attention so spend some time with them to really get a good idea of what they are like.

Always go to the local shelter and never adopt from breeders. You are more likely to have animals with health and behavior issues that are coming from breeders because of over breeding in the industry. There are perfectly healthy dogs and cats waiting for you to adopt at the shelter.

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