Don’t Pee There! Training Made Simple June 05, 2016

So you went to the shelter and got a puppy but are lost about getting them to understand the rules of the house and where to pee. The first rule of training a dog is no punishment. Don’t ever punish a dog or spank them. It will only make the problem worse and if you hit a dog for using the potty, you should not be a pet owner in the first place.


The right way involves rewarding positive behavior and doing the right thing. Puppies cannot hold it like an adult dog can and have to be taken out several times a day. Not just three times like an older dog. Puppies normally can hold it for the same amount of months old they are. So for a 2 month old puppy, that would be 2 hours and so on up to that 6 month mark. Even adult dogs normally need to go out every 5 hours or so depending on the breed. Larger dogs can go around 8 hours at a time.


Feed your dog or puppy on a schedule so their bowels and bladder will get on the schedule too. No table feeding and only dog food that is high quality so you are not going to be dealing with upset stomachs. Praise your dog with only appropriate treats for them. So put the cheetos and leftover chicken away. That is not the kind of treat that does a dog stomach good


Pick out a spot outside to take your dog on a leash too. They like having a designated bathroom area as well. Some dogs prefer a tree or bush as well to go up against. Make sure and pick up after them every once in awhile so it is healthy for them to use over and over. Every time that they use the bathroom in this area, give them a treat and play with them for a little bit to show them that you are proud of them. Dogs want to please their owners. Use this in your favor and never hurt that relationship by punishing them. They don’t learn from punishment and it will not make them want to please you anymore.


Remember to not punish accidents, keep them on a fair schedule, and only feed them good treats as a reward for going where they are supposed to. You will have the most success this way of training your dog. It is not an overnight process so keep in mind that it may take several weeks to train a puppy or dog. Keeping puppies behind baby gates with puppy pads that are scented for them to find them is a good idea in the very beginning of training, but be consistent with the training and reward them for going outside like a big dog!

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