What does your cat really want to say? May 29, 2016


Body language of any animal can be a sign of love, affection, hunger, and other meanings that are sometimes overlooked. You can really see this behavior in cats as well as other pets. Cats seem to have a set of the basic reactions and body language that will help you understand them and have a better relationship with them if you pay attention.


Have you ever seen someone or do you know your cats meow language and what they are saying after a few years? Studies have shown that cats actually have a set of vocals that are used to say certain things. I want out, I’m hungry, and pet me are a few of the common commands. Some will even fuss at their owners if they are gone all day and have a meow for that as well. They are smarter than we give them credit for. Most cat owners can replicate their particular cat's meow that says hello or come here. They also can guess at what their kitty is wanting based on the meow.


Watch that tail because it could be saying something. Cat behavior specialists have a set of basic tail indications of how your cat is feeling and what they are communicating.


Down - maybe they are afraid or scared.

Up - that carefree kitten feeling.

Moving around back and forth - get away because that cat is aggravated with something and may be ready to attack.

Slowly moving around - they might not have decided on how they are feeling over something. This is a confused move. You will see this if they are unsure of a new toy but really want to get it.

Fur standing out - they are threatened and this is normally accompanied by the sideways walk and hissing. This is a defense move to make as much noise and be as big as possible. Tail furr out will only happen if they are truly scared over something.

Ears are another way they talk to us and you tell what is going on in their heads a little better by watching out for these signals.


Turned ahead - that fussy kitten attitude.

Turned up to the sky - Listening for something and maybe going hunting.

Turned backwards - Attack mode activated.

Flat against head - Ready for a fight. Cats will hold them down to as a reflex to fighting so the other cats or animals don’t bite their ears so if a cat does this, those are fighting reflexes. 

Cat eyes are always magnetic to look at but they are also talking to you with them as well. These special little creatures have amazingly beautiful and powerful eyes that should never be ignored.


Big black eyes - stimulated or they got into the catnip again.

Small black eyes - irritated with something or someone.

Staring at you - they are wanting to play or attack you. Either is play for them.

Blinking - this is a sign of love. Ever been falling asleep and your cat is doing the same but blinks .to make sure you are closing your eyes like a game. That is a sign of love.

Eyes almost shut - this is a trust signal.


So pay attention to your little friend. You might learn a lot from them or about them just by watching these signals. Eyes, tails, and ears are their main body signal points.

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